Shove creamfields up your asses….


I honestly could not just sit there without writing something about all you whining little bitches who suddenly had their lives turned upside down because Creamfields got cancelled.

A fucking party.

First of all, OF COURSE ITS GOING TO GET FUCKING CANCELLED! Every fucking army in the world is at our shores with thousands of rockets, thousands of soldiers and thousands of planes waiting to bomb the shit out of everything around us, not to mention our own domestic dose of car bombs! I don’t care how much ecstasy your favorite DJ takes, he/she/it must at least still have the survival instinct part of the brain still working. Not to mention, there are no fucking tourists! It’s just us 5 to 8 thousand retards who enjoy having drinks as warships fly overhead so I’m pretty sure the organizers at JK58 (Who did an amazing amazing job) must have done some calculations and realized it was also better to cancel because of risky ticket sales.

I had to endure reading tweets and statuses like “fuck this country”; “I’m leaving this shithole” and “oh god whyyyyyyyyyyy” (why??? because fuck your face)….

I honestly never saw a subject get more attention and rage from the Lebanese youth, they are now calling for a protest…. what a shame.

Don’t get me wrong, I never miss a good party. Be it an underground event no one has heard of or Skybar on Saturday night, I am proud of our Lebanese nightlife and I am proud of the fact that we are people who, in the middle of all the turmoil, the threats, the bombings, the deaths, the instability, the economic hardships, the corruption and fear; always, always, always manage to outlive, endure and find time to dance.

But when did partying overshadow human rights as a topic? When did throwing a party become more important than having a fucking government!? When the fuck did throwing a party become more important than having elections you sick morons?! When did one drunken night of your life become more important than the lives of car bomb victims? When did it become more important than the life of hungry refugees?

When the fuck did you think for a second that you had the right to nag?

What have you done to make things better? Chances are, that you, like I, have never even voted. My first time casting a vote in a parliamentary election was supposed to be last May, but that did not happen because we all got robbed of our democratic right to do so, and the corrupted thieves and murderers who control our parliament simply extended their terms.

Do you know how many people protested when that happened? You most probably don’t, because you were most probably not there. There were far less people in that protest than there are EVERY NIGHT on the streets of Mar Mkhayel.

And now you have the fucking balls to ask for a protest at night, because a party got cancelled.

Oh how joyful the dozens of intelligence agencies that are working in our country must be. How joyful the Mossad must be that the youth of Lebanon in the near future will not care when they rob our oil. How joyful the Iranian intelligence must be that the Lebanese youth will not stand in the way of having their country turned into a religious war platform. How joyful the CIA must be that we will not stand in the way of their plans for the Middle East.

When our children, who will most probably be living in Canada, Brazil and Dubai, ask us; what did you do during the Arab spring? Where were you when the government was robbing you? What did you do to stop it? We can say we didn’t care, DJ’s were flocking from around the world and it was good….

Most of you need to get your priorities straight, there are so many things that needed your attention so many times, and you were nowhere to be heard; who knows, maybe if you attended some of the protests you should have attended, we would be having our own edition of tomorrow land…. But for now go fuck yourselves…


31 thoughts on “Shove creamfields up your asses….

  1. *sigh* … You don’t get it do you..

    It’s not about the freaking party, it’s about us being *stripped* of every *right* to live. To live through our jobs, our nightlife, our families, our companies, to live through our country.

    We are supposed to make due with whatever befalls upon us from foreign governments and next door neighbors, we’re supposed to carry the weight of their choices, their decisions, their lives, their children, their hopes, their dreams that are shattered. What about us? When’s our turn? When will we or the world care about our dreams, our choices, our decisions?

    We have to fight everyone’s war, on our territory, on theirs, in the sea, in the air, on the ground, through politics, through our daily lives. Enough.

    This is what the call is all about. Others making decisions for us, and us saying *enough*.


    • Bassem I get your point, the only thing i am trying to say is that there were and still are so many things that today’s youth should fight for and feel angry about… Yet we choose a party…. There were so many things that deserved this much attention and that would have maybe helped change something…. Yet we chose a party…


  2. Your a fucking idiot, no one had his life turned upside down bcz the event was canceled its just that we love this country for sure more than you do and get exited when bigg events happens in lebanon because lebanon was always full of life,energy,happiness and freedom. yeah we want to be or to organise events like the most civilised countries do and by positive thinking and actions you can fight and show the world that what ever they do we have a life here and we continue. We are all aware of what is happening around us and its very painful and all of this should get to an end. we knew your prioritise what are your fucking action u fucking idiot hero how are u planing to face the CIA and what are u doing about it, im sure nothing, maybe by showing the world how much depressed you are they will have pitty on u and say lets stop the war on syria and lebanon haram. Go fuck yourself and start by judging yourself before judging others you have a fucking messed up mind you and your fucking arab spring. your one off the fucking sick arab that most probably wants to leave their hurma at home. Btw i voted, i got in jail and i fought trying to defend my country and i still do. I also was excited that my country was hosting an international event. Its an event ya hmar chou khasso bel patriotism so you go fuck yourself now or your wife if your married bcz she must be bored all day locked at home.


    • Jad. Your probably aware of the response from people after the event was canceled.
      What Tarek is saying is that he wishes that more people would be more concered with our saftey and our daily lives. NOT some event which represents the only luxury of probably less than half of the population of Lebanon. We HAVE to get our priorities straight, not bash the ones who bring it up. And how can we act upon this? This has been the question for many years by millions of Lebanese. We think that these pigs behind their desks are more powerfull than the fucking people. The people are the ones who make a country not the leaders. We have the potential to turn things around. Nah man, lets just fuckin’ party. That’ll solve everything


    • Jad,

      Stop raving and download a spellchecker, or enroll in some English courses, or any course really. Maybe you’ll stay out of jail that way.

      You whiney little bitch.




  4. Although you make a valid point about how ridiculous it is that the Lebanese youth kicked up a such a big fuss over a stupid party, you’re ignoring what caused this reaction.

    You’re forgetting that we have had our version of the “Arab Spring” since 2005. And since then, we have managed to change nothing. We had the whole international community behind us in 2005. And the result? The same people are in the same places. They have cancelled our elections, elected a nobody as our president, been through about 6 highly incompetent governments, shoved eggs up asses to test for homosexuality, allowed at least 20 fucking bombings to blow up without a single credible lead.

    And you wonder why the youth gets pissed off when it comes to a party being cancelled?

    We’ve all protested against the other more pressing issues, but we’re exhausted. We’re disillusioned by the political/economic class that is destroying our country. We’ve become disillusioned by the country. Why should we give up our youth to fight a war that we cannot influence? We’ve tried doing that since 2005 (regardless of what side you’re on, everyone’s demonstrated), and we’ve failed.

    What are we left with? Should we follow the same mistakes as our parents and fight each other for another 15 years (that also changed nothing). Should we follow the Syrian model?

    No, we’re just getting by. Unjustly, we don’t care if other people are hurt, as long as we’re ago. Our apathy has turned into a selfishness that will further destroy us and our country. What can we do about it though? Nothing.


  5. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU THINK PEOPLE ARE SO ENRAGED? You think we’re angry cause they cancelled a fucking party? we’re angry Because we live in a country in which we can’t even hold a peaceful event without threatening the lives of everyone involved. Creamfields happens all over the world and we can’t even put our political, religious, social, domestic, and foreign problems aside for one fuckig night and come together and have a decent fucking night. FUCK YOU for insulting our right for peaceful organization, our right to freedom and our right to free speech and most of all our right to live and enjoy out fucking pathetic excuse of a life in this country. I am angry and I will go to the protest. And if you can’t see that the protest is more than about the cancellation of a “fucking party” than you really shouldn’t be writing ill fated, rambling posts insulting us and our itelligence. As for our right to vote, FUCK THEM ALL. There is no one deserving of my vote, not that it would make a difference anyway.


    • My dear, you are free to do and say whatever you want…. so can i… but maybe, just maybe if you attended some of the protests that mattered, got enraged at the things that mattered and gave attention to the things that deserved so so mich more attention than this; we would all be partying together right now because maybe you would have contributed to a change… but your last sentence says it all… you never even tried and yet you think you can’t make a difference… well then go cry over a party…


  6. I agree. Just graduated from Stanford and i can tell you kids nowadays are stupid. They think people in the world watch them having fun and thats sending a message? Partying is over rated and only destroys a culture (dad owns a vegas night club so trust me on that)


  7. Do you think maybe the fact that this Youth’s future is so uncertain and the fact they’re surrounded with violence, armies ready to lash out and fear is the reason they feel a party is all they have left?
    Just a thought.


    • I am part of this youth and i said i love our nightlife and the fact that we have one is a statement and a big screw you to all those who do not want us to love. But don’t you think that if the youth made some more effort and showed some interest in the things that really require their attention, maybe nightlife wldnt be all that is left… just a thought…thanks so much for reading!


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