Why I wish Smart phones a horrible miserable death followed by an eternity in Hell…

ff_prototypes6_fFuck smart phones.

Seriously…. Fuck them…

I don’t get it; no battery life, breaks in a second, if you hold it the wrong way the signal is gone, it takes 7 centuries to re-boot, you only enjoy chatting and browsing the internet on your smart phone when YOU are doing it, when the person in front of you is doing it you feel like murdering them.

People can know where you are, they can know when the last second you touched your phone was. The ring tones are fucking horrible and everyone has the exact same fucking phone.

The phone covers can all be used as sex toys. All of them.

When in a relationship, a smart phone WILL cause you trouble no matter what you do whether it’s chat history, facebook, twitter, instagram, call log, email, sometimes even the fucking calendar. I once got into a fight because of the fucking calculator.

A smart phone is a very dangerous tool in the hand of a dumb person.

Those hash tagging, duck facing, butt blowing, bathroom picture taking, peace sign giving, filter applying, bitch posing retarded dumb whores would not have existed if it wasn’t for the fucking smart phones because let’s face it; non of those retards would know how to connect a DSLR to a laptop, download the files, put them on photoshop, apply adjustments, save them in the right format and then upload them to a social network.

I hate smart phones. Somehow instead of connecting me to society, smart phones managed to make me hate almost everyone… Chances are I hate you whoever you are…

It is for that reason that I will be going back to those hard-core non colored polyphonic Nokias that, once they fall from your hand, do not trigger a reaction like the one Hitler had when they told him Berlin was falling in the hands of the Allied forces.

If i don’t answer send me an sms.

you won’t know if I saw it, you won’t know if i’m typing.

but also, at least if i do talk to you, you’ll know it’s because I want to.

Fuck smart phones.


6 thoughts on “Why I wish Smart phones a horrible miserable death followed by an eternity in Hell…

  1. Hahahahahah!!!! My second ever blog post was a rant about smart phones. I def agree about the privacy part. I do know how to handle my DSLR quite well though, but still enjoy my 15 minutes of fame on Instagram everyday. That being said, if you have a blackberry, burn it or throw it at a wall a few times. I eventually did that to mine a few months ago. Best purpose it ever served. Oh yeah, car chargers are good too (and setting your last seen time stamp to off) loving this blog and following it right now!


  2. Being that they are proprietary walled in garden gadgets has nothing to do with it? Nothing says “I’m a corporate slave (ass nut)” like a person with smart phone.


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