Freedom and the Zbourians…..

free speechNot so long ago I came across two terminologies that made me smile…

“Oligarchy” and “Kleptocracy”.

An Oligarchy is “a form of power structure in which power effectively rests with a small number of people. Such states are often controlled by a few prominent families who pass their influence from one generation to the next.

Throughout history, oligarchies have been tyrannical (relying on public servitude to exist).”

A Kleptocracy ” is a form of political and government corruption where the government exists to increase the personal wealth and political power of its officials and the ruling class at the expense of the wider population. This type of government corruption is often achieved by the embezzlement of state funds.”

If you combine both forms of power you get the system that rules over Lebanon; some people also refer to this system as “zabre”.

In the zabre system you might be lead to believe that you are free; but in the zabre system, if the zbourians can’t find a way to all be “voted” back into power…. meh… they just extend their stay at the parliament hotel in downtown Beirut.

In the zabre system you can peacefully protest; unless your peaceful protest is not backed up by a big zbourian; then he will send small zbourians to shoot you in mid day in front of everyone and no one can do anything about it.

In the zabre system, the zbourians (blue and yellow) feel free to fight illegal inhumane wars in the country that helped shape the zabre system; the zbourians who can’t agree on a geography book want us to believe that they can play geo-politics.

Now; fortunately, we do find one honorable office in this zbourian infested system. The honorable office of the president of the Lebanese republic. An office that in the midst of all the turmoil has always managed to say what is right, to take the right stances and make the right statements. An office that is truly acting for the well being of Lebanon.

But I do have a question about today’s Jean Assy hype.

First of all (and here i am addressing my friends who are defending freedom of speech through Jean Assy); Jean Assy is a disrespectful retard whose tweets are as ridiculous as his face; so he is not the right subject for us to use as an example for oppression of freedom of expression (Check some of his mentally challenged tweets HERE) all he does is curse for no reason and with no point; he fits in well with some of the zbourians.

But dear office of the president,

When people like the minister of foreign affairs do not comply to the president’s appeal for an international complaint about the Lebanese-Syrian borders it is okay, you do not react.

When garbage like Wi’am Wahhab who fuel sectarian divide with their words; scrutinize and disrespect the president personally on national television it is okay, you do not react.

But when a nobody like Jean Assy tweets ridiculous meaningful bullshit you react?

No matter what Jean Assy says he will not affect the political economical or security status of the country.

Why doesn’t the office of the president take measures against those that really matter? Or you can’t?

Do not try and justify your stance using a paragraph of the constitution about presidential disrespect. The constitution was not written to be used against some and not used against others.

Either act with principles all the time or don’t act at all, either protect the constitution at all times or don’t do anything at all; otherwise some might start thinking you are hypocrites….

And stay away from the zbourians; they’r contagious.


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